I'm passionate about getting things done

and I provide help and guidance or plain hands on work throughout the lifecycle of your project, be it software or web development, e-commerce solutions, internal process optimisation or gamification and video game development:

Start a new project. Pitch. Put a team together. Implement flexible processes tailored to your needs. Track an ongoing project. Keep stakeholders and team happy and informed. Negotiate with stakeholders and external partners. Continuously improve processes and workflows. Provide solutions to emerging problems. Remain agile, remain flexible.

Get the job done.

I won't tell you how to do your job - I will enable you to get the work done in the highest quality that time and budget will permit. After more than 10 years in video game and software development, in digital agencies, start ups and IT companies, I know what I am talking about and will happily put my experience to work for your team.

I love it when a plan comes together.



Depending on what we're talking, be it working on the premises, managing a project, reviewing and optimising processes and workflows over an extended period of time ...

Let me know what you need help with.

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